The Internets best kept secret is not what you think. And you can be a part of it.

The internet’s best kept secret is not what you think

The online world has multiple ways to make money. Most, require a degree of technical know-how, patience and time, a market insight or, deep pockets to pay others to set things up. And then you still have to hope your business works.

Our model focuses on the transactional element of every sale that takes place. We deal with tens of thousands of ecommerce companies, all with proven sales history’s, in every type of industry.  These companies are all ready to expand but have outgrown their credit card processing limits. Yes, these companies have too much business and they can’t scale because of it. 


117 Degrees is the leader in transactional relationships by mitigating chargebacks with all of our Members.. It's our Value Add!

While providing guidance to help so many businesses grow, we uncovered the need to help them get to the next level of growth. We do this by finding individuals who want to build an extra stream of income by leveraging their businesses credit processing power by Managing Chargeback Mitigation through our Members. A Win-Win for all involved and an efficient way to navigate the world wide web. It’s our value to you!

We individually evaluate and match each client’s application (you); as a Member, with the right business for maximum growth. Your returns are generated with every transaction. Our proven business practice provides all the support of your business in the way others can’t or won’t.

To find out more, simply hit the apply now button to see if you are a good fit and we will schedule a call with you to discuss the details. Don’t miss this opportunity. Internet sales are not going to slow down.

Happy Faces of Happy Members

You could join these happy faces in running as a member of the 117 Degree Group with Chargeback Mitigation services. Your success is our Success and that makes us HAPPY!


Is there Risk?

In the world of ecommerce, the landscape is always changing with new rules, laws and regulations.

As a member of the 117 Degree’s, you are fully protected from having to stay on top of these changes. We do this to protect you the member, the advertiser and of course all of our businesses. Chargeback mitigation is just another way we set ourselves apart from others and bring value to you. We are efficient managers and regulate the monthly charges by managing overdrafts and chargebacks for the Advertisers. We are your E-com partners in the management!

Why go with us?

6 years, 4 countries and literally millions of transactions under our belt, we have learned a thing or two.

117 Degrees’s system protects your new business in 6 key ways 

  1. 117 Degrees creates, leases, and manages Members as LLCs
  2. Our professional affiliation with Infinity Global Tax Solutions ensures compliance and reconciliation of your account annually.
  3. Retailers accept all tax liability, not the Member
  4. 117 Degrees assumes all financial risk for Members
  5. 117 Degrees offers referral/affiliate bonuses to Members
  6. Provide complete Chargeback mitigation for each Members account to benefit the Advertiser and the Member