We Support IBO’s Where Others Won’t or Cannot.

117 Degrees is the Global Leader in Matching IBO’s with Reputable Businesses Who Have Outgrown Their Credit Card Processing Limits.

What Makes Us the Preferred Partner for IBO’s?

The key to our success and the success of each of our clients is how we match the right IBO with the right advertiser. We don’t guess. We don’t choose randomly. We have an extensive application process that assures the integrity of the partnership.

In fact, we are so confident in our process that we’re willing to support our IBO’s in a way that most companies wouldn’t dare.

To find out more, apply now to see if you are a good fit and we will schedule a call with you to discuss the details.

Do I Qualify?

To see if you are a good fit, follow these steps:

Apply Now

Complete this simple application so we can learn more about you and your goals as an IBO.


Once we receive your application, we run a review to see if you are a good fit.


If approved, we match you up with one or more of our hand-selected advertisers.

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Who is 117 Degrees?

117 Degrees is the global leader in IBO (Independent Business Organization) support and services. Think of us as a matchmaker of IBO’s and advertisers who have reached their processing capacity.

With offices in the United States, Ireland, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, and China, we are committed to our goal of setting the industry standard for IBO’s.

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