When we set out to build this business in 2014, we did it with one simple mission in mind: helping businesses and aspiring IBOs find the right partners for them. We recognized the tremendous value that this relationship could provide, and wanted to make it accessible to more merchants and IBOs alike.

We also recognized, however, that there were too many businesses trying to use the IBO process for risky or unethical means. That’s why we made a commitment to being a force for good in the world of IBO support.

At 117, we’ve set the standard for accountability, consistency, and stability in a dynamic and ever-changing e-Commerce world.

How We’re Different

117 Degrees has built a successful business with an impeccable reputation in this industry, and the key to getting here has really been pretty simple — we stick to our values and are consistent in our approach. That's it! Here’s how we do it differently:

We actually protect our merchants and IBOs

We remain fully transparent financially, legally and operationally

We never do business in pornography, gambling, or unsavory fields

We provide support in taxation and contracts to simplify legal processes

We thoroughly vet and review every vendor and IBO in our system

Where We Are

Thanks to years of consistency and over-delivery for our partner family, we’ve now been able to expand our business across the world. Today, 117 Degrees proudly operates in the U.S., Canada, the UK, and Australia, among others.

Thomas Hale

Meet our CEO

Sticking to core principles and growing a business ethically starts at the top. 

Our CEO and founder, Thomas Hale has been helping businesses and aspiring investors/IBOs make profitable connections for more than seven years. In his previous life, he served as a banker for his own Bank in Scottsdale, AZ and launched numerous other startups and ventures taking him around the globe and providing the opportunity to present ideas to institutions like Harvard, Brown University, and Tufts, among others. His experience has provided him with a broad understanding of multiple disciplines all leading to the decision to employ those same relationships in the development of 117 Degrees.

We are now a diverse, multicultural, multilingual source for the e-Commerce space. 

As an avid waterman in Laguna Beach, California, Thomas enjoys ocean swimming, sailing and yes the sunshine. Ironically, his love for travel supports his passion for International Ice Swimming. Yes, ICE SWIMMING. Where he has competed and placed in Russia, and Sweden to name a few. 

His relationships span the globe and have led to our opening offices in London as of the first quarter of 2020. Tom’s aspiration is to continue as the industry standard in this field and lead new generations to profitability through a structured and secure global model that works.