That’s where Independent Business Organizations (IBOs) can be a massive asset.

IBOs act as a third party partner to online merchants allowing the merchants to continue selling their products by expanding their credit processing caps. As an IBO, you operate as an independent LLC that is owned and leased by 117 Degrees and in turn, collect monthly payouts as compensation for providing these merchants the expanded capacity they need.

Why Become a Partner with 117 Degrees?

Becoming an IBO with 117 Degrees offers you a consistent, safe, and reliable means of building an extra income stream simply by backing a growing business. When you choose 117 Degrees as your IBO support team, you can be sure of a few important things:

Your advertiser partners will assume all tax liability; and 117 Degrees will guarantee it


117 Degrees will thoroughly vet your merchants and match you with the perfect partner

117 Degrees handles all the setup and management of your IBO agreement

117 Degrees will help you manage your IBO duties and reconcile your End of Year statements

117 Degrees guarantees your monthly payouts as long as your merchants remain in our system

We also believe in rewarding our IBOs for helping us grow our family. Learn more about our IBO Affiliate Program.

Get Started Now!

Take your business to the next level or start making monthly income as a trusted IBO. Connect with our team today to learn more about our industry-best IBO support process.